Welcome to AppTechnic!

Programming… I know it isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to do.  However, it has always interested and fascinated me.  From the time I was a preteen and my father brought home a shiny new computer, getting started with the command line until now and my newest fun creating Android apps. I have always tinkered around with computers.  Not just computers, but all new technology catches my attention.  Whether it is VBScript, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, Python, C++, Java, Ruby on Rails, SQL, or several of the frameworks dealing with any of those, I can usually be found dabbling in them.  I wouldn’t consider myself an expert at any one of them, but I know enough to make things work.  I love a good challenge and it is rewarding when I am able to fix a bug or code up a complex mechanism and have it work the way I envisioned.

Currently, I am in the military and have been for some time.  As I near retirement, I am honing my skills in programming to hopefully pave my way into a career in Software Engineering.  My focus at the moment is specifically on Android.  My next interest will be researching Kotlin and working on attaining my Android Developer Certification.

Below are a few of my projects that I have created.  Thanks for looking!