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All major military news sources in one place. Whether you are looking for US Army News, US Air Force News, US Navy News, US Marine Corp News, US Coast Guard News, or National Guard News, it is all here for your viewing.

In addition to military news sources the app include military videos, military blogs, and military social media.

Looking for a place to catch up on all the happenings around the world that affect the United States Military? Then the Military News aggregator is that place. Are you preparing for a board and need to stay abreast of the current events? Then the Military News aggregator is that solution.

When your superior asks you what you think of a particular event in the news, you will never need to say you weren't aware of the event again.


  • 13 Military news sources
  • 11 Military video sources
  • 12 Military blog sources
  • 27+ Social media sources
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